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RediNav is a desktop GUI client used to connect to any number of Redis servers and manage their databases - add, edit, remove, clone, export, import.

+Secure connection through SSH tunnel
+Secure connection over SSL/TLS
+Support Redis Labs Enterprise Cloud cluster
+Redis plain text password authentication
+Dark and Light themes (Mojave ready)
+Terminal UI (execute arbitrary Redis commands and Lua scripts)
+JSON formatter
+PHP unserializer
+Cluster mode ON support (incl. connecting to individual nodes in Terminal)
+Infinite number of saved connections/servers
+Direct connection to Redis server port
+Adjustable connection and execution timeout
+Easy to navigate connections, databases and keys using tree-like interface (server-database-namespace-key)
+Lazy loading namespaces (performance)
+Ability to save key content to a local file
+Ability to set a connection in “read-only” mode (client side) for increased safety
+Utilize “namespaces” as folder-like structure
+Enable disable dangerous operations - database flush, name space deletion
+Export key(s), namespace or entire database to JSON file
+Import keys from JSON
+Multi-key selection
+Multi-member selection for member based keys
+Multi-field selection for hash keys
+Key content search
+Paginated output
+Multi-tabbed interface
+Database level key name filtering

Limitations (depends on computer memory and CPU)
+Not to be used for binary key names and content (but still can handle them at some degree)
+Huge number of keys in a single “folder” might be a problem (e.g. 1 million keys)
+Hash keys with huge number of fields (e.g. 1 million fields)
+Searching list key having big number of members
+Huge number of database (e.g. 500)
+Some operations are permitted if connection is in Cluster Mode

* Application Source code covered by GPLv3
* Using Qt Libraries under LGPLv3



2020/2/9 | 版本 : 1.0.28 | 大小 : 17.0 MB
Small bug fixes

2019/6/19 | 版本 : 1.0.27 | 大小 : 17.0 MB
* Back end improvement (stability)
* Small UI fixes
* Couple of minor bugs fixed

2019/4/28 | 版本 : 1.0.26 | 大小 : 17.0 MB
## [1.0.26]

### Improvement
- Allow multi-field edit & save at once of a HASH and SET key (other member-like keys still require save on every member change)


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