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This version of PlayMaker Pro draws plays for Basketball (10 players per team) Only.

You can view existing PlayMaker Pro Basketball documents with this version. PlayMaker Pro Basketball document names should end with a "bbd" extension.

The capability to create and edit documents is available as an in application purchase. You can try out the editing features before you purchase. You will need to purchase Document Editing to save your work, print, export your drawings or export video presentations.

PlayMaker Pro is used by teams worldwide to produce playbooks, handouts and presentations at all levels from the Pros down to youth leagues.

PlayMaker Pro users create precise drawings on scale size courts (high school, college or pro) that look more professional than what they can draw by hand. They save time by reusing their work.

PlayMaker Pro from the Macintosh App Store is licensed to an Apple ID.

Document Editing also enables the ability to export presentations as MPEG-4 video files. Hook up your TV to your Mac to produce video presentations with player notes, play animations, scribbles, video and your voice. Your video can be uploaded to your favorite web based video distribution system. You will need Mac OS X version 10.11.x or newer to export presentation videos.

PlayMaker Pro documents can be transferred from this Macintosh version to the iPad version using iTunes, iCloud Drive or by attaching to an email.

PlayMaker Pro has been produced by BW Software in Ann Arbor Michigan since 1990. This is the latest version based on Apple's current development tools.



2018/1/18 | 版本 : 5.0.7 | 大小 : 10.4 MB
Improved Box editing

Boxes now show alignment guides when you line up the bottom or left side of a box with the bottom or left side of another box.

Boxes can now be resized horizontally or vertically without changing the vertical or horizontal size.

Bug fixes

2017/12/15 | 版本 : 5.0.6 | 大小 : 10.4 MB
Added a link to demonstration videos in the Help file

Bug fixes

2019/2/14 | 版本 : 5.0.11 | 大小 : 15.1 MB
Images and Videos are now imported instead of attached.

Your imported images and videos are copied and included in a PlayMaker Pro document. The document still looks the same, but its actually a special folder that contains your PlayMaker Pro document plus the images and videos in a nice package. You can move a packaged document and its imported images and videos move with it.

PlayMaker Pro for iOS (iPad / iPhone) is already compatible with PlayMaker Pro package documents.

You can store traditional and packaged PlayMaker Pro documents on your iCloud Drive to access them from multiple Macintosh computers, iPads or iPhones.


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