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Would you like to move your hospital’s image viewing techniques to the next century? How about you take your patients’ image data with you on your mobile device wherever you go?
With mRay you can now connect your entire hospital or doctor’s office with just one app!

We developed mRay to combine the power and mobility of modern mobile devices to access your radiological images anywhere and anytime.

In contrast to other solutions, mRay specifically designed for mobile devices. Important tools like annotations and measurements are available as well as an adaptable level window. Image data is encrypted and stored temporally locally on the device, removing the need of a permanent Internet or Wi-Fi connection while ensuring highest security standards. Most notably, mRay implements well-established security measures to protect your image data and privacy. An individual user and device authentication controls the image access of every user for every image.

With mRay you are ensuring a high standard of networking with your colleagues anytime and anywhere. The new integrated Instant Messenger offers a secure communication platform to share DICOM images as well as key images and simple text messages. E.g. now you can easily share the current state of your viewer with another colleague to get a secondary opinion.

Last but not least, mRay works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. A minimal server application needs to be installed which reads DICOM files from the disk and is able to receive files directly from your PACS. That’s all you need to start simplifying your everyday life at work!
You can use this demo version to download sample image data from our server and Query/Retrieve from our PACS.

Do you want to view your patients’ image data anywhere and at anytime?
mRay enables physicians to access images at home while on background duty or on the go.
Contact us on how to access your image data with mRay.

- Viewer for radiological images (CT, MR, PR etc.)
- Full functional client, no remote desktop viewer
- High-End user interface
- Intelligent connection management
- MPRs
- Optional pseudonymization
- Query/Retrieve functionality
- Five step security concept
- Server works seamlessly with every PACS, ready within one hour

Intended purpose:

The software mRay as a radiology instrument can be used by medical specialists for the visualization of image data. Image processing allows the calculation and visualization of healthy and abnormal tissues.



2020/2/28 | 版本 : 5.9.2 | 大小 : 19.1 MB
* Behebt ein Problem mit der Anzeige von Berichten

2020/2/9 | 版本 : 5.9 | 大小 : 19.0 MB
New features:
- Improved reporting workflow
- Quickly search for previous studies
- Send images to configured DICOM AETs

Bug fixes:
- Large 2D color images (photos) are not imported incorrectly
- Ultrasonic data records are displayed compressed
- mRay on 4k TV has wrong resolution
- Series date for reports should not be time of draft creation

2019/9/24 | 版本 : 5.8 | 大小 : 18.9 MB
New features:
* Structured report now supports cooperative editing
* Automatically create structured reports from HL7 orders

Bug fixes:
* Fix patient info not being always fully visible inside the Inbox
* Improve performance when having many datasets
* Other small bug fixes

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