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Moonshine is a free and open source middleweight IDE built with ActionScript 3 for ActionScript 3, Feathers, Apache Flex®, Apache Royale® development with Cloud and Desktop support.

Why Moonshine?

- Works with feature parity on the cloud model

The first IDE developed to provide cloud support for ActionScript 3 , Apache Flex®, Apache Royale® and Feathers. Now you can create your projects on the cloud and utilize the agility of a cloud based platform using Moonshine IDE.

- 100% Cross Platform

Moonshine is a cross platform open source application. With Moonshine you will find the luxury of developing anywhere on any platform.

- Built specifically to focus on Apache Flex® and Royale®

The Apache Royale® is a continuation of the previous effort called FlexJS to produce a next-generation of the Apache Flex® SDK that enables developers to use MXML and ActionScript to generate HTML/JS/CSS applications which can run natively in browsers. The cross-compiled code can also be used in Apache Cordova® (Adobe PhoneGap) mobile applications.

- Subversion support

We are providing SLIKSVN for subversion support because they provide a standalone command-line Subversion client for Windows. The installer contains all command line tools (svn, svnadmin, svnsync, svnserve, svnmucc) without application bindings or Apache modules. For more information please visit

+ Ant build
+ FDB debugger for debugging support
+ TourDeFlex component to assist with teaching the Flex syntax
+ Mobile application development support



2019/7/3 | 版本 : 2.4.0 | 大小 : 126.9 MB
Moonshine 2.4.0 adds some improvements for Grails, including project imports and menu actions to run Grails or Gradle commands.

Moonshine also now supports configuration of an Adobe AIR SDK in addition to the Flex, Feathers, and Royale SDKs.


- Added interface to run Grails and Gradle commands on Grails projects
- Added support for configuring the Adobe AIR SDK.
- Grails: Automatically configure the standard classpath folders
- Grails: Import Grails projects
- Java Gradle: Add basic settings interface.


- Remember last opened path for file chooser.
- Changed shortcut for Open File to CTRL+Shift+O (Windows), CMD+Shift+O (macOS).
- Changed shortcut for Open Project to CTRL+O (Windows), CMD+O (macOS).
- Changed shortcut for Organize Imports to CTRL+SHIFT+I (Windows), CMD+SHIFT+I (macOS).


- Fixed bug which broke compilation for Flex projects
- Fixed issue where the last character was omitted from a text selection.
- Fixed issue where the macOS non-App Store build did not immediately configure the SDKs installed by Moonshine SDK Installer
- Fixed issue which prevented CTRL/CMD + click from working on method reference.
- Miscellaneous bug-fixes and improvements to project dependencies interface
- Updated selection error for adding breakpoints to make it less likely to click it by accident.
- Removed obsolete "Esc exists" text from plugin descriptions
- Fixed issue where the language server reported an error when the project file for a Grails project did not match the project directory name
- Fixed error on Go To Definition and Go To Type Definition

2019/5/23 | 版本 : 2.2.0 | 大小 : 97.9 MB

- Added support to define related repositories for an SVN or Git repository, using moonshine-dependencies.xml. See the documentation
- If a cloned or checked out repository contains multiple subprojects (like, Moonshine will allow the user to automatically open the subprojects (up to 3 levels deep).
- Added Apache Royale Jewel project template. This requires a nightly build (0.9.6) of Apache Royale.


- Added support for Git in the Manage Repositories interface.
- Provide non-sandbox version of Moonshine for Mac users.
- Visual Editor: Allow search Code tab using menu option Edit -> Find.


- Fixed issue where Browse All repository threw an error when the repository list was empty.
- Templates: Fixed issue where modifying a template triggered an exception

Known Issues

- Template modifications will not be applied to new projects.
- The Jewel template for Apache Royale requires the latest nightly build (0.9.6), which is not currently available with Moonshine SDK Installer

2019/4/5 | 版本 : 2.0.0 | 大小 : 95.8 MB

- Added Getting Started page to assist new users with setting up the external SDK and tool requirements for different Moonshine features.


- Java Project: Improvements for building with Maven


- Subversion: Fixed issue where subversion menu was not updated after granting permission.
- Feathers: Fixed issue where build project failed with newest Adobe AIR.
- Java Project: Fixed issue where java project template was not populated when we create new class/interface.
- Language Server: Fixed dependencies so that language server can start without a default Flex SDK
- Language Server: Restart language server when Java Home path is updated in Settings.
- Git Integration: Improved behavior when Git status information is slow to load.
- Project Sidebar: Fixed case where Project Sidebar did not load on Moonshine startup

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