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Just Train - no game!
Train efficiently on your home trainer with this fun cycling training program software:

- use training sessions for every level, that help you with an efficient training while making the most of your time
- you can easily adapt the training session to your current fitness level, by adjusting resistance and duration
- you can enlighten the training with motivating videos or Music

Start with effective training sessions with your interactive/smart roll trainer, e.g. Elite, Wahoo, Tacx, Kickr, CycleOps, Saris, …

As passionate triathletes and cyclists we strongly believe in personal success through customized training. With icTrainer you achieve your personal goals with these great features:
- Interactive training (resistance) for your cycle trainer / Hometrainer
- Display Exercise up-to-date information on optimal heart rate zones and resistance areas
- two cyclists can train in parallel adjusted to their personal training needs
- suitable for training / indoor cycling sessions via data projector (great way to smarten up your training session within your local club)
- a great variety of training sessions with motivating videos and / or music
- Customizable training session to adjust to your personal needs in terms of duration and intensity (resistance)
- easily adjustable training, even during the session (much appreciated by Professionals and other active athletes .
- Trainings sessions offered are both motivating and demanding, always depending on what your are looking for.
- The default resistance is set at your personal “FTP” (Functional Threshold Power)
- Training analysis e.g. was the original training goal achieved
- Option to create your own training sessions
- all training functionalities offline available e.g. basement or club rooms; online access needed for download of new training sessions only
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2020/2/28 | 版本 : 0.9.22 | 大小 : 25.5 MB
- store FTP info after FTP-Test automatically
- fix read GPX-Data without time info

2020/2/9 | 版本 : 0.9.18 | 大小 : 25.5 MB
- improved ERG-Mode, if your roll Trainer don't have an integrated power-meter but you have another power-meter (e.g. in pedal)

2020/1/10 | 版本 : 0.9.15 | 大小 : 25.5 MB
Fix Edit-Mode: empty Exercise not startable (gets an exception)

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