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Happs brings you the most fascinating, important, interesting “happenings" in the world. LIVE.

A brand new concept of live news, Happs enables contributors to live stream from any location using their own mobile devices within minutes of a breaking event, but produces the published product in an engaging, polished format much like a network news channel.

Happs prides itself on having a vast network of journalists around the world and welcomes new contributors from every part of the globe. If you are an aspiring or professional video journalist and wish to be part of our network, please contact us!

If you are a Happs contributor, download this app to be able to stream any time, from anywhere. That is the power of the Network of Now.



2019/7/3 | 版本 : 2.3.2 | 大小 : 14.3 MB
• Added the ability to share your screen in the channel settings window.
• Added better user control of the audio output device.
• Minor bug fixes.

2019/6/19 | 版本 : 2.2.1 | 大小 : 14.3 MB
• Added the ability to choose to open a high-res or low-res version of the program window.
• Added the ability to see every contributor who has ever joined the channel, not just those currently present.
• Added more useful information to each contributor's info line.
• Created a new popup window for viewing more contributor information.
• Enabled copying and pasting in various parts of the app, including chats.
• Fixed some location permission issues.

2019/5/30 | 版本 : 2.1.1 | 大小 : 14.1 MB
Location integration to enable us to notify you when there are breaking news events in your area.
Minor bug fixes.


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