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Continuum - Try to navigate through an endless and immersive combination of color, geometry, and music.

Continuum is a lightweight and simple game where you move around in different directions to avoid swarms of never-ending obstacles that fly right towards you. The game requires focus and fast-reaction, test and see how far you can journey into the continuum.

Game Highlights:
-Easy-to-pick-up gameplay.
-Original soundtracks just for the game
-Immersive and relaxing procedural environments.
-All gameplay features free
-Never-ending procedural generation mode (Well unless you bumped into an obstacle).
-Progressive and procedural level mode with carefully configured elements such as moving obstacles and laser beams.
-Customize your players and earn unique abilities through completing challenges !
-Zen mode, a new game mode that you will not die, just enjoy the music and visuals !
-Enforcer mode, NPCs chases you through an endless flow of geometry with explosive charges !

Awesome features and things to look forward to:
-LAN Multiplayer
-More elements for procedural environments(e.g. Obstacle Geometries)
-New soundtracks

I would thank you very much if you downloaded this game! , any suggestion is welcomed at



2019/7/3 | 版本 : 1.5 | 大小 : 35.8 MB
Version 1.5 Update
This update brings many new features along with improvements to the game.

A new customization panel has been added to the menu, you could now change your player skins. The only changes are not visual, each player skin has its unique properties, waiting for you to claim through completion of challenges !
-A completely new level completion visual
-Added three new Obstacles !
-Two new options to toggle Vignette and Chromatic Abbreviation, adds a cool look to the game
-Optimized UI for non-retina mode
-Enforcer Mode is now a little harder, try not to be in-front of any bombs from now on
-Fixed a issue where resetting your progress would result in levels mode starting at level 0
-Fixed a minor render issue in the Menu Page
-Removed an invisible button in Settings Page

2019/5/29 | 版本 : 1.4.2 | 大小 : 36.5 MB
Patch #2 of Version 1.4
-Added a new option for inverting inputs (for example pressing D will turn left if inverted).
-Fixed a bug where toggling Zen Mode would corrupt collision detection in Levels mode.
-Fixed a bug where the first level the player enters is different once the player respawn.
-Fixed a bug where the first level is displayed as Level 0 occasionally.

2019/5/23 | 版本 : 1.4.1 | 大小 : 36.5 MB
Patch #1 of Version 1.4
-Adding 1 new obstacle to Continuum !
-Minor fixes


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