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Cartograph Maps 2

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通过 Harald Meyer

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The Cartograph app views Mapsforge offline vector maps, offline raster maps, and online/WMS maps. It supports tracking, route search, overlays, hillshading, reliefs, track drawing, and has many other features.

### Features ###
- User interface languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese.
- View Mapsforge offline vector maps (including v5 format).
- Full support for Mapsforge styling/render themes (including hillshading) and layers.
- Offline raster maps: Locus SQLite maps, MBTiles, TwoWays/CompeGPS RMAP*, Oruxmaps SQLite*.
- Online map support (including WMS - Web Map Service maps), e.g. OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, OpenSeaMap, WikiMedia hillshading, etc.
- Import online maps easily from files: "".
- Offline hillshading (from HGT elevation data).
- Offline relief shading.
- Offline slope overlay map.
- Contour lines (Mapsforge maps).
- Worldwide, free offline maps.
- Support for Mapsforge multi-maps (multiple .map files stitched into a single map).
- Night/day mode.
- GPS Track recording.
- Manual track drawing and editing.
- GPX import and export (basic KML/KMZ import support).
- Import of photos with EXIF tags as waypoints.
- Import of KMZ photo series.
- Upload tracks to
- Route altitude profile and elevation/slope visualization.
- Online route search.
- Live tracking and polling (using custom server,, or Cartograph server).
- Support for Mapsforge POIs, offline POI search, and dynamic POI loading.
- Scalable interface (e.g. to increase button sizes).
- Compass.
- Units: Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit, metric, imperial, nautic.
- Decimal and degree coordinate modes.
- Voice/sound alerts along routes and waypoints. *EXPERIMENTAL*
- drinking water sources.
- Customizable user interface color (dark, light, and colors) and size.
- 3D map snapshot view for an overview over the current map region.

* RMAP and Oruxmaps use various map projections and support is experimental. Please contact us if a map does not work so that we can add support for your projection.

Further information:
Getting started:

User manual:
YouTube how-to videos:

Drop us a line if you have questions, feature requests, or other comments:

### Maps ###
- very good maps for outdoor activities.



2019/9/24 | 版本 : 2.5.7 | 大小 : 24.4 MB
Bug fixes.

2019/4/28 | 版本 : 2.4.2 | 大小 : 24.4 MB
2.4.2 (03-04-2019)
- Added: Option for changing the small font size in the managers.
- Added: New Mapsforge 0.12 curved path text feature.
- Fixed: Tracks overlapping coordinate info field.

2019/2/11 | 版本 : 2.3.6 | 大小 : 24.2 MB
2.3.6 (04-02-2019)
- Added: Altitude data is now automatically added to manually inserted track points if data is available.
- Added: Button for fixing waypoint/bookmark altitude.
- Added: Support for the Transverse Mercator projection for Oruxmaps SQLite maps.


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