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通过 Haversine Ltd

This is the Mac desktop version of our AirFMC app.

Designed to integrate with the X-Plane flight simulator, AirFMC provides an interface layer to your favourite flight management system and allows you to have a remote, portable and beautiful MCDU, leaving your screen free for enjoying the scenic routes.

In its current release we are proud to support the following list of planes and FMC systems:

- The x737 Boeing 737-800 from EADT using x737FMC
- The UFMC from Javier Cortes
- The CRJ-200 from Javier Rollon
- The Boeing 777 Worldliner by FlightFactor
- The Boeing 757 Professional by FlightFactor
- The X-FMC freeware project and all the planes in which it runs
- The QPAC A320 v2
- The Boeing 748i from SSG
- The Boeing 767 from VMAX
- The A320NEO from JAR Design
- The Boeing 737 Classifc from IXEG / X-Aviation
- The Boeing 737-800 modified by Zibo
- The Airbus A350 XWB Advanced from FlightFactor
- The Airbus A319 from ToLiss
- The A330 from JAR Design

Please note, AirFMC is not an FMC in its own right. It does not have "intelligence" so to say, it does not manage routes nor flight performance parameters. At least, not yet! What it does is, it connects to planes that already have these systems and provides an interface surface to them.

Please also note that AirFMC does not currently work with Microsoft FS2002, 2004 or FSX but only with X-Plane.

AirFMC works in conjunction with a plugin which must be installed in the flight simulator and it requires a TCP/IP network connecting iPad devices to a flight simulator. Please visit to get and install the latest version of the X-Plane plugin.


2019/2/11 | 版本 : 1.7 | 大小 : 12.8 MB
- Adds support for the new A330 from JAR Design.
- Adds auto-colour / UI theme selection based on the plane being flown.
- Includes various bug fixes and improvements.
- Implements a new custom exchange protocol allowing for seamless future support of new FMC types.

2017/9/21 | 版本 : 1.5 | 大小 : 9.1 MB


类别 :
#44 : 免费 Mac App 排名 [模拟]

屏幕截图 Mac OSX :

屏幕截图 Mac OSX 屏幕截图 Mac OSX 屏幕截图 Mac OSX


游戏 , 模拟

支持的设备 : Mac OS

From this dev.


价格 : ¥128.00
平台 : iPhone/iPad
通过 Haversine Ltd

价格 : ¥6.00
平台 : iPhone/iPad
通过 Haversine Ltd


Mouse !
Mouse !

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国际象棋 高清 免费
国际象棋 高清 免费

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Bowling Western
Bowling Western

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iPhone 和 iPad 游戏

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