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Tripcents is changing the way you save and book travel. Stop saying next year and start saving today for the trips you’ve always wanted to go on. Predictive flight and hotel booking recommendations combined with integrated travel savings make trip budgeting and saving those dollar bills easy.

Going to Ibiza in July? We’ll help you save to get you rocking to epic beats on the beach sooner rather than later. More of a spa getaway type of traveler? No worries, our predictive analytics got you too! Tripcents travelers are able to automatically save for trips and receive special booking deals. Within the app, users will streamline the entire process - from dreaming, to budgeting, to saving, to searching, to booking.

How it works
Start with setting up a new trip to that dream destination that’s always been in the back of your mind, then begin saving to make that trip possible. You tell us when, where, with who and for how long you would like to go to a destination and we’ll help you save to make sure that happens. You’ll subscribe to securely connect your bank account and begin saving up monthly for that travel goal. You can select a recurring savings method per month on either the 1st or the 15th or you can save a lump sum in what we call a “one time transfer.” Just like that, you’re on your way to making Bali happen next summer with small automated transfers each month. As your Travel Fund begins to grow, we will start sending you flight and special hotel booking deal recommendations that fit within your specific trip criteria and budget. You'll be sipping margaritas in no time!

Dream of a destination you’ve always wanted to travel to and tell us!
Save based on your travel preferences, where, when and how long you want to go to your dream destination, we will enable you to start a monthly savings budget to get you there.
Book as your Travel Fund grows from the monthly automated savings, we will send you flight and special hotel booking deal recommendations from our travel partners that match your preferences to eliminate search time and simplify booking!
Go on the trips you’ve always dreamt of and live your best life!

Repeat the simple process for every trip you can think of. It’s that easy!

Things you can do with tripcents:
• Save, automatically, for every trip you’ve ever wanted to go on.
• Invite friends to specific trips to save alongside and hold them accountable. We make traveling with friends a breeze!
• Explore our curated travel destinations and start saving for them if you’re all out of ideas.
• Securely connect your bank account to automatically start saving for trips, debt free!
• Receive personalized flight and hotel deal options, Booyah!
• Share your progress on social media with friends to get them jealous of all the awesome places you’ll be going!
• Follow your savings progress as you get closer and closer to your trip. Go you!

Stop saying tomorrow and start saving today. Download tripcents to start making all of your trips a reality!

Share your adventures:
Twitter: @tripcents
Instagram: @tripcents

Want to get in touch with some awesome feedback or questions? Hit us up at

Non-Renewable Subscription Description: Free to download - subscribe to save. This Annual Non-Renewing subscription fee of $23.99 allows you to connect your bank accounts, open a travel fund, make unlimited automated transfers, and keep track of your savings progress for dream trips!

Pricing: $23.99 annually (Non-Renewing)


2018/5/9 | 版本 : 1.5.1 | 大小 : 210.7 MB
• Performance increase

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