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* 可自定义应用颜色
* 可选数百个图标
* 可自定义提醒通知,鼓励你坚持下去
* 查看你的当前和最佳连续成绩,以及你的完成统计
* 当你完成健康任务时,Streaks会自动知晓
* 用负任务打破坏习惯
* Apple Watch





步行和距离数据仅在使用iPhone 5S或更高版本或可写到健康应用的配件(如Apple Watch)时自动可用。若您有任何问题,请联系



2019/12/14 | 版本 : 5.1.1 | 大小 : 126.5 MB
Streaks 5.1.1:

* Fixed: Widget not appearing for some iPad users
* Fixed: Notification wording for timed health tasks

Streaks 5.1:

* Shortcuts: Added "task status" shortcut
* Shortcuts: Start/stop timer shortcut now shows the timed task animating
* Shortcuts: Fixed an issue that may cause shortcuts to not appear correctly in the Shortcuts app
* Shortcuts: Changed the data returned from start/stop timer. Please update your workflows accordingly
* Shortcuts: Added "estimated finish time" to running timed tasks
* Shortcuts: Fixes an issue where application badge may not update after completing a task
* Shortcuts: Added support for marking positive tasks as missed
* Added: "Take Audiogram" Health task, used for hearing tests
* Added: Heart rate tasks for irregular rhythm, low heart rate, high heart rate
* Added: Ability to hide start/stop timer button on tasks
* Fixed: Crash on iPad settings screen
* Fixed: Theme issues on settings bar
* Fixed: iCloud issue causing app to not update correctly in the background for some users

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at

2019/9/24 | 版本 : 5.0 | 大小 : 125.3 MB
Streaks 5

Thanks for using Streaks! This is a major update to Streaks, with a number of new features and improvements:

* Added: Ability to set an external URL for a task so you can quickly launch another app or web site
* Added: Ability to set negative tasks as "X times per week". If you mark a task as missed, it will appear as missed but your streak will not be reset to 0.
* Added: Ability for timed tasks to have multiple completions per day
* Added: "Pomodoro" sample timed task
* Added: Ability to create negative timed tasks
* Added: "Reduce Screen Time" sample negative timed task
* Added: Ability to auto-switch between dark/light theme based on system setting
* Added: Ability to mark today as missed for positive tasks (this can done via notifications or task calendar)
* Added: Ability to lock the app with Face ID / Touch ID
* Added: Ability to disable "shake to undo" option
* Added: Ability to delete all tasks (in the "Manage Data" section)
* Added: Ability to reset all data for a single task (in the task edit screen)
* Added: New multi-color themes
* Added: New icons
* Added: New Health tasks for brushing and flossing teeth
* Added: Today Extension widget now supports expanded mode, so you can see all of your tasks at once
* Changed: When adding a task, we've replaced the "Apple Watch" section with "Eat", and moved all food/nutrition tasks into there.

Other Changes:

* Improvements to tracking and synching of water and mindfulness tasks
* A wide range of performance improvements
* The add task and edit task screens have been redesigned
* Apple Watch: Improvements to Siri Watch Face
* Apple Watch: Fixes to duplicate recordings from Apple Watch being recorded
* Apple Watch: Improvements to complications

Thanks to everybody who helped us test out this new version of Streaks, as well as those who suggested new features and improvements!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at

2019/4/28 | 版本 : 4.1.1 | 大小 : 105.0 MB
Thanks for using Streaks!

New in Streaks 4.1.1:

* FIXED: Issue that prevented Health task progress syncing to iPad in some situations
* FIXED: Issue that caused main task list on Apple Watch to not refresh in some situations
* ADDED: Added the Siri settings button to the task edit screen

New in Streaks 4.1:

* FIXED: Issue that prevented completions on watch data from immediately being processed by the phone in some circumstances
* FIXED: Issue that caused a "missed" record to sometimes be displayed as "skip" in some circumstances
* FIXED: "Next task" complication with Pride now uses the correct color instead of grey
* FIXED: Paused tasks may appear on Siri watch face in some circumstances
* FIXED: Error in Japanese translation

* ADDED: More options to choose from in "Day Starts At" setting
* ADDED: Negative and Health tasks now display a symbol in notification title
* ADDED: Tasks for tracking Fiber from the Health app (increase/decrease fiber intake)

Thanks again for using Streaks - please email if you have any feedback!


类别 :
#9 : 付费 iPad App 排名 [健康健美]
#13 : 收费 App 排名 [健康健美]
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屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod :

屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod

屏幕截图 iPad :

屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad


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Streaks Workout
Streaks Workout

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地图照片 - 离线地图和指南针的旅行, 导航, 及生存

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