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Phage Invaders

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通过 Innovative Genomics Institute

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Defend the city of Bacterium from viral annihilation!

The city is under attack and needs a hero to save the day! Play as noble defender Cris Perotein. You’ll need to act fast to stop an army of viral villains from taking over the city. Will you be quick enough?

Use the on-screen controller to move Cris Perotein, our Cas9-inspired hero. Run Cris into the invading DNA to slash and destroy it. Careful, once viral parts appear, nothing can stop them!

• Play through levels that get harder and harder to learn the CRISPR ropes.
• Try "endless mode" to battle a brutal, infinite onslaught of phage invaders.
• Add your high score to the Game Center and see how you rank!

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About the IGI:
The Innovative Genomics Institute is an academic research organization in the Bay Area. The IGI excites, engages, and empowers diverse audiences with clear and reliable resources. To learn more, visit



2019/10/25 | 版本 : 1.0 | 大小 : 112.0 MB

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