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Download for a 30-day free trial. ForeFlight is the essential, integrated flight app that makes planning, flying, and logging flights a joy.

ForeFlight delivers advanced flight planning capabilities, terminal procedure charts, enroute navigation charts, moving map, synthetic vision, hazard awareness, optional Jeppesen charts, a comprehensive library of market-leading weather information and visualization features, a large library of advanced aircraft performance profiles, customizable checklists, integration with a wide range of certified avionics and portable ADS-B and GPS receivers for inflight weather and data, a built-in documents catalog and cloud document capability for management of aircraft and flight operations publications, an easy-to-use pilot logbook for keeping track of flight experience, and so much more. ForeFlight is backed by our Pilot Support Team who delivers amazingly fast, accurate, and friendly customer service.

Please note: Location is used to enable a moving map and to record track logs, the camera is used to attach photos to logbook, push notifications are used for important bulletins and flight alerts, and contacts are used to add people to flights.

ForeFlight requires a subscription. Visit our website for more information on the available plan levels.

Plan flights with Touch Planning on the Map or full-featured form-based Flights view. Tap out a route in seconds and quickly see if flights will be affected by weather or TFRs. Helpful Route, Altitude, and Procedure Advisors make planning easy and accurate. Generate a graphical preflight briefing and file your flight plan directly from the app. Print a professional-grade Navlog for inflight reference.

Interactive weather layers include animated radar, global satellite and winds aloft, global icing, turbulence, and surface analysis, graphical AIR/SIGMETs, flight category, visibility, and more. View decoded METARs, TAFs, and MOS forecasts. Thoughtfully organized Imagery view puts a full range of forecast tools at your fingertips.

Both VFR and IFR operations are covered with all of the essentials required for planning and navigation: data-driven Aeronautical Maps, VFR Sectionals, High/Low Enroute charts, SIDs, STARs, approach and taxi charts, and terrain, satellite, and street map views.

Plates and taxi charts enable the real time display of your GPS location on the chart. They can also be overlaid on the Maps view along with weather and hazards for the ultimate situational awareness.

Plan and fly with more confidence in all conditions and terrain. Top-down-view Hazard Advisor map layer, Terrain Profile View, and 3D Synthetic Vision seamlessly integrate into the map display to depict a clear picture of terrain and obstacle hazards anywhere in the world. When paired with an AHRS source, Synthetic Vision provides a backup attitude display.

Logbook makes it easy to log and share flights, track hours, review currency, record certificates and ratings, receive electronic instructor endorsements, and create experience reports. Your data is automatically synced across all your devices and protected in secure cloud storage.

Built-in documents catalog with FAR/AIM, charts supplements, and more
Airport, FBO, and fuel price information for thousands of locations
Dynamic data-driven Aeronautical Maps
Weight & Balance
Glide Advisor
Expected route and EDCT flight notifications
Automatic over-the-air data updates
Chart color inversion for better night flying experience
Access to web planner

Flying Magazine Editor's Choice 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017
App of the Year, Aviation Consumer, July 2011
Best Selling iPad Aviation App: 2010, 2011, 2012
"Best app for IFR" - Aviation Consumer
"One of the most popular and most-respected aviation apps available" - Sporty's Pilot Shop



2020/8/10 | 版本 : 12.6 | 大小 : 293.9 MB
Weather in Profile View
• Enhance your route planning with a cross-sectional view of icing and turbulence forecasts displayed in Profile View.
• Tap the new Layer Selector in the lower-left of the Profile window to choose between US or Global Icing and Turbulence layers like on the overhead map. You can enable one Icing layer and one Turbulence layer at a time, and also toggle the display of airspace in Profile.
• Profile View uses the same color scales as the overhead map to depict varying intensities for each layer at multiple altitudes in relation to your route line.
• ForeFlight uses your planned departure and enroute times to display weather over multiple forecast periods during which your flight will be active, providing a more accurate picture of changing conditions throughout your flight. If no forecast data is available for all or part of your route, Profile shows hatch lines to indicate the lack of data.
• Use the Ruler in conjunction with Profile View to “scan” along the map and see how weather for the current forecast period changes as you move the Ruler. Profile View has also been optimized to render these changes at a much higher framerate than before for smoother animations.
• ForeFlight will display Icing and Turbulence forecasts in Profile during a flight if you used Pack to download the data while connected to the internet. Profile does not support ADS-B Icing and Turbulence or other weather layers.
• Weather in Profile View is available with ForeFlight’s Performance Plus and Business Performance subscription plans.

Overheat Alerts
• ForeFlight warns you if your iPad or iPhone is in danger of overheating with a prominent visual and audible alert, allowing you to take steps to cool the device and potentially avert a shutdown during a flight.
• The alert is triggered when ForeFlight detects that your device is dangerously hot and at risk of overheating and shutting down.  However, your iPad or iPhone may still overheat and shut down before ForeFlight can display the alert.
• The alert will not sound more than once per hour, even if your device returns to a high temperature state after initially cooling down.
• You can disable these alerts in More > Settings > Alerts.

Additional Internet Traffic Details
• Tap on Internet Traffic targets to see details about their filed routes and more.
• When viewing Internet Traffic, tap on any aircraft marker to view a popup with information about it, including tail number or call sign, altitude, speed, aircraft type, and more.
• If an aircraft is using a call sign, the popup will show its expanded name in most cases.
• The popups for most aircraft on IFR flight plans also show the departure and destination airports and filed ETA, while many aircraft on VFR flights provide only the departure airport. Some traffic targets provide no route details.
• Internet Traffic targets with blocked tail numbers will not report any route or call sign information.

High Resolution Basemap Improvements
• ForeFlight’s High Resolution Basemap received some improvements to mountain peaks and passes.
• The Basemap identifies mountain peaks using a small triangle icon in place of the previous dot icon.
• Also, many additional U.S. mountain passes with associated elevations are now displayed on the Basemap.
• Enable the High Resolution Basemap in More > Downloads > Download Settings.

Y/Z Filing in Canada
• Customers flying in Canada can now file flight plans under Y or Z flight rules through ForeFlight.
• Since these flight rules both include VFR portions, certain fields in the flight plan form that are required for Canadian VFR flights are also required for Y and Z flights, including Undercarriage, ELT, Arrival Report, and more.
• Cross-border flights from Canada to the U.S. or to airspace delegated to the U.S. by Canada for ATC traffic purposes do not support Y/Z flight rules.

2020/7/3 | 版本 : 12.5 | 大小 : 293.4 MB
Hotspots on Airport Diagrams
• ForeFlight’s embedded airport diagrams now display published hotspots for improved situational awareness on the ground.
• The embedded airport diagrams are part of ForeFlight’s Aeronautical Map layer, and appear as you zoom into most U.S. airports and many other airports around the world.
• Hotspots on airport diagrams appear as orange highlighting on top of runways, taxiways, and aprons.
• ForeFlight’s PDF airport diagrams also display hotspots in the same manner.

Multimode Timer in More
• Keep track of time in a variety of ways using the new Multimode Timer located at the bottom of ForeFlight’s slide-out More menu.
• Tap the up/down arrow to the right of the timer to switch between Count Up and Count Down modes.
• In Count Up mode, tap the timer to begin counting up from zero, tap it again to stop the count, and tap it once more to reset the count to zero.
• In Count Down mode, tap the timer to set a length in hours, minutes, and seconds, select whether the timer will repeat, and set the number of repetitions after the initial countdown. Tap the timer to start the countdown, and tap it again to stop and clear the count.
• ForeFlight displays an in-app audio and visual alert whenever the timer reaches zero in Count Down mode, and states whether or not the timer will repeat. If ForeFlight is in the background or closed when the timer expires your device will display an iOS notification with the same information if you’ve allowed ForeFlight to display notifications.

Offline Address Database & Search
• Download address databases for U.S. states so you can search for and route to street addresses without an internet connection during a flight.
• Enable the new Street Addresses download setting in More > Downloads > United States to download address databases for all selected U.S. states and territories.
• The Pack feature will also download address databases for any states in your route that you haven’t already downloaded.
• Offline Search supports the standard format for street addresses, specifically the address number, street name, street suffix (including contractions), town/city name, two-letter state identifier, and zip code.
• ForeFlight only requires the first two terms to begin searching and returning matches,  and prioritizes matches that are closer to your position. Finding addresses that are far away, especially those in other states, requires additional terms like the state and zip code.
• Tap on a search result to locate it on the map and add it to your route, or save it as a user waypoint.
• Offline Address Search is available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans and currently supported for U.S. states and territories only.

PDF Form Support in Documents
• The Documents and Files in Flights views now provide better support for PDF files that contain editable form fields.
• Tap on any form field to enter text using the keyboard.
• Closing and reopening an edited document will retain all previous edits, while also still allowing you to access the edited fields to make additional changes.

Other Improvements
• On iPads and large iPhones, swiping in from the left side of the screen on the Airports view will open the Favorites/Recents/Browse sidebar.
• Weather stations now support the same style of popup window the Maps view as airports, with tabs for basic information and different kinds of available weather information. You can access weather station information from the Search bar or by tapping one on the map with a suitable weather layer enabled.

2020/4/29 | 版本 : 12.3 | 大小 : 284.2 MB
Marked Positions
•Drop markers along your route during a flight to mark points of interest or comply with position plotting requirements, then view or share the marked positions after the flight.
•Tap the Pin button on the left side of the map to mark your current position during a flight. Each marker automatically captures your GPS coordinates, altitude, speed, and allows you to record additional notes or rename the marker. Marked positions disappear from the map 15 minutes after landing.
•Marked Positions are included in an active track log recording and can be viewed after the flight in the Track Log view, or in the Flights view if any planned flight matches the time frame during which you marked any positions. 
•Export a file containing only the Marked Positions under the Flight Log section of Flights.
•You can hide Marked Positions and the Pin button in Map Settings > Marked Positions.
•Marked Positions are available with ForeFlight Performance plans.

Arrival Time Planning on Flights
•Plan a flight based on a desired Arrival Time, rather than a Departure Time, using the new Arrival Time Planning feature. Instead of selecting a flight’s departure time, you can now select a target arrival time and ForeFlight computes the required departure time.
•On Flights, look for the new ETD/ETA toggle to the left of the date/time selector, which is now the first line of the flight plan form.
•In ETA mode ForeFlight will work backwards from the desired arrival time to calculate when you need to depart, then display that time at the top of the flight and in the Flight Summary on the left, which now displays each flight’s ETD, ETE, and ETA for quick reference.
•Arrival Time Planning is available with ForeFlight Performance plans.

Tap Extended Centerlines for Runway Information
•Quickly access runway information for any airport in your route by tapping the labels at the ends of Extended Centerlines when that setting is enabled.
•Tap “Select Runway” in the information popup to add that runway to your route and highlight it, and tap “Straight In” for any runway at your destination airport to both highlight it and add a straight-in 2nm final to your route, which you can also add using the Traffic Pattern option in Procedure Advisor.
•Enable Extended Centerlines in Map Settings > Map Overlays. 

SID/STAR Aircraft Type Restrictions
•Easily identify aircraft type restrictions for departure and arrival procedures with new colored tags.
•The tags for Piston, Turboprop, and Jet aircraft appear in the list of procedure plates when viewing an airport’s information on the Airports or Maps views.
•The presence of one or more tags indicates that the procedure is restricted to the aircraft types shown.


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