Day One 日记 + 笔记 5/5

Day One 日记 + 笔记

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从一生一次的事件到日常时刻,Day One 优雅的界面使得记录生活成为一种简单的乐趣。捕捉您的生活。

我们非常高兴地向您介绍新一代的 Day One。新版本是为了绝佳的写作和生活记录体验而创作的全新App。


- 每篇日记可插入多张照片(最多10 张照片)
- 多个日记本(最多 10 个日记本,支持设置日记本的颜色和名称)
- Day One Sync 2.0(见,了解更多详细信息。)
- 地图视图
- 自定义提醒
- 日记管理(选择、移动、贴标签以及同时删除多篇日记)
- 时间线筛选(支持根据星标、标签、位置、年份、活动和音乐等多种维度)
- 时区支持
- 3D Touch
- 本地备份,以及可导出的备份


- 用 Touch ID 进行密码锁定
- 自动获取元数据(比如地点、天气、活动、步数和音乐)
- 支持Apple Watch
- 搜索
- 标签和星标
- 智能摘选日记并导出为PDF
- 今日扩展
- 分享功能
- 导出到 PDF 和纯文本


- 主题标签(将以更好的方式回归)
- 发布功能(将以改进后的方式回归)
- iCloud/Dropbox 同步。Day One Sync 已经改进,免费的同步解决方案很快将提供许多出色功能。(首先是 IFTTT 频道和私人密钥加密,将在未来免费更新。)


Day One 2.0:
Day One Sync:



Also available from Day One:


Day One Premium is an auto-renewing subscription. Your subscription is automatically renewed if it is not canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions are managed in App Store Account Settings.


Terms of Use:



2019/9/24 | 版本 : 4.1.1 | 大小 : 112.1 MB
Bug fixes and performance improvements

2019/5/4 | 版本 : 3.6.3 | 大小 : 107.5 MB
• Updated H6 header style
• Entry content menu (paperclip) includes 'Browse' for Files
• Media Timeline includes audio files with quick filter bar (Photo, Video, Audio)
• “Current Location” option in location editor

• Screenshots couldn’t be shared to Day One from the quick-edit menu
• Photos in the timeline flickered while scrolling
• Audio recording metadata did not display the correct time and date
• URL scheme links to Mail messages and other apps weren’t recognized as links
• Entry URLs immediately open the entry instead of showing an action sheet
• URL scheme links showed an action sheet instead of opening immediately
• Photo metadata wasn’t being applied when sharing to Day One
• The correct time and date sometimes weren’t applied to an entry
• Auto-backups were failing to restore correctly
• iPad metadata screen could be dismissed too easily while scrolling
• External keyboards weren’t recognized when creating entries from the Activity Feed
• Photo EXIF prompt wasn’t appearing in iPad split view
• The entry count in On This Day notifications didn’t match the actual count
• Code block contents not shown in Plain Text view
• Daily Prompt notifications opening to Read mode instead of Edit mode
• Crash when pasting photo/audio into entry

• URL Scheme for On This Day = dayone://thisday
• URL Scheme for Settings > Siri Shortcuts = dayone://siri

Note about Video:
We are currently working on the video attachments feature, this update includes references to video in the app, though not yet the ability to insert video files. Stay tuned for this and many new features coming soon!

2019/4/1 | 版本 : 3.6.2 | 大小 : 108.6 MB
• Journal Name is displayed large in the Timeline (with quick-edit button)
• Journal descriptions are now available and displayed at the top of the timeline
• Loading progress indicator added to Photo and Audio embeds
• Location Editor - Search for place names using Apple’s built-in service
(Note: Adding new, custom place names are temporarily unavailable)
• “Add file...” (browse Files) added to all Timeline Buttons (long-press), and New Entry Tab Bar Plus button
• Filter entries with photos
• Added Share button to Entry Title Bar

• App Startup and restore speed improvements
• Timeline header 3 to appear as red in the Timeline (again)
• Search results no longer show entry Markdown syntax
• Improved Tag and Place search indexing
• Audio title and Entry ID are indexed for search
• Image thumbnails had white 1px line at top
• Improved Share Extension to find original date of media
• Swipe left on Journal Drawer to open Search/Filter
• Fixed Entry share menu with external keyboard

• Share Extension now converts inserted (pasted) Markdown to rich text
• Fixed diacritics removing header formatting
• Improved Code Block alignment in Editor

Watch App:
• Improved audio file transfer from Watch app
• Fixed duplicate entries created from the Apple Watch

Version 3.6.1:
• Fixed an issue that could cause media to appear multiple times
• Fixed an issue that could cause YouTube links to not embed properly

Version 3.6.2:
• Fixed an issue preventing location edits

屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod :

屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod 屏幕截图 iPhone / iPod

屏幕截图 iPad :

屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad 屏幕截图 iPad


效率 , 生活 , 健康健美

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