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Boom! Minesweeper

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通过 Happymaking Games (Jeroen Verbeek)

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Boom! is a fun minesweeper game with 8 board sizes and 6 bomb levels.

Find all safe areas in a mine field, without touching any bombs. Suspected bomb locations can be flagged and are safe to touch while flagged. If you do touch a bomb, then it's game over and try again!

A first-touch will never reveal a bomb!

Use the double tap to reveal option to avoid accidental reveals.

Press and hold to flag suspected bomb locations (now with shorter time option).

No worries about fingers being too big for tiny buttons with the bigger board sizes: just use your finger to drag the board around! Touch zoom for an overview of the whole board.

Your friends play Boom! too? Now you can publish your wins with screenshots to your Facebook wall for the world to see.

Don't like hearing a particular sound? Disable it! You can enable and disable individual sound effects.

Game preferences, states and statistics and current game in progress are saved on exit and restored on game start.

Statistics of the games played are saved. For each board size and difficulty level the wins, losses and best times are kept and displayed in Boom!'s statistics screen.

Boom! is an updated version of the old classic Minesweeper game, including sounds and vibration, and is constantly being updated to make the game better and more fun!

Become a Boom! fan on Facebook ( and let us know what you think!

Note: Facebook Connect functionality requires a Facebook account and permission for Boom! to upload status updates.

Changes due to specific reviews:
- Now touch-and-hold to flag can be done with a shorter hold time (Taimaster2005 review)
- Boom! doesn't show a bomb on first touch (various reviews)
- Visible game area now larger and wasted space removed (Taylor Hughes review)

Any problems use the email button on the help display in the game or email helpme at playspel dot com.



2013/1/14 | 版本 : 2.0.2 | 大小 : 1.7 MB
Fixed little preferences saving bug (non-game affecting).
Added transition animations to back screens.

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社交 , 游戏 , 桌面游戏 , 智力游戏

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Minesweeper Boom!
Minesweeper Boom!

价格 : ¥12.00
平台 : iPhone/iPad
通过 Happymaking Games



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