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BND AIS-140 Tracker is one of the best GPS in the world. We providing enormous features in vehicles tracking industry.
From vehicle live tracking to employee tracking and full-proof alert system.
In this contemporary world, theft & stealing has become a “habit” of many. It has become challenging to protect your Assets so with the vehicle theft on a heavy rise, Vehicle Tracking System, or commonly called “VTS”, is the need of the hour for virtually everyone – be it Personal, Corporate, Commercial, Logistics, Military or Government Vehicles.

Listing some features of BND AIS-140 Tracker.

1. Live Tracking with current address, speed, DateTime and with many information

2. Route Playback

3. Reports, like Stoppage, Distance, Daily Report, fuel, Trip, AC, Summary, Overspeed, Area fence etcetera.

4. All assets on a single Map with moving the position

5. Start Trip, Speak Address, tracking coupon and important places near your vehicle, like Petrol pumps, Hotel and hospital etcetera.

6 Alerts => Speed, Ignition On/Off AC On/Off, Unreachable, Power On/Off

and many more ...

Job Plan, Add Route, Trip Manager, Complaint system, Expense management, Attendance System and Push notification.

Additional features:

Install Device from App
Convenient filters to sort assets
Different Map Type
Traffic near assets
Share Location of assets any time.

BND AIS-140 Tracker is a free application.



2019/11/14 | 版本 : 1.0 | 大小 : 55.8 MB

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