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通过 Foucauld Degeorges

This app is a tray icon that lets you start a pair programming session. Configure a number of rounds and each round's duration, hit Start and code away! The app will ring when it is time to switch the keyboard.

Pair programming is popular in agile software development. Two developers working side-by-side on one computer, will be able to tackle more difficult coding problems. Pair programming is also recognized as an efficient way for two developers to transfer knowledge to one another.

At my company, Theodo, we use pair programming intensively, both on our projects and as part of the developer recruitment process. We favor rounds no longer than 5 minutes so everybody keeps focused.


2018/1/14 | 版本 : 1.2 | 大小 : 4.4 MB
- Show notification on top of sound
- Add French translation

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屏幕截图 Mac OSX 屏幕截图 Mac OSX 屏幕截图 Mac OSX 屏幕截图 Mac OSX


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