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AwanaVerseFree Hedgehog

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通过 Valentin Yarmolatiy

AwanaVerse is an exciting game for children and their parents who want to memorize Bible verses. It uses a variety of game styles to help you learn according to the international Awana program. AwanaVerse is a game for children beginning at age 5. The first game in the AwanaVerse series follows the Awana Hedgehog handbook. During the game, children will learn verses by helping the game’s characters gather Bible pages that have been scattered by the wind. Between verses, children will have the opportunity to play a “memory game” (the task is to match the cards by turning them over--this helps train visual memory). There is also a “3-in-a-row game” where the objective is to move items on the screen so they make a line of 3 or more in a row. When the rock is broken - the card with a verse opens. After completing each level, the player can move to a higher level to learn new verses.


2016/10/29 | 版本 : 3.0 | 大小 : 60.9 MB

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