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Tradably simplifies sharing and discovering of actionable investment ideas. Our performance tracking promotes accountability and transparency; profitable investors stand out, and other investors can get their investment ideas validated.

Our Story:
• The way investment content is currently being shared and distributed facilitates fake and conflicted content, as content is not adequately tracked for its influence and accuracy against how the market moves.
• Consumers have difficulty determining who they can trust.
• Contributors have difficulty rising above the noise, especially so when they are skilled investors, but not necessarily skilled in marketing or copy-writing.
• Hence, we came up with Tradably, which allows them to share their insights effortlessly, while concurrently building up their track record, promoting transparency and accountability.

• We cover over 30,000 counters from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ Stock Market, Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX), major currency (FX) pairs, and top cryptocurrency pairs (Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Ripple (XRP), etc).

• Feeds: Discover actionable investment ideas with each scroll. Each structured idea has Counter Name, Target Price, Entry Price, Returns Since Entry (%), Potential Returns (%), Timeframe, Portfolio Allocation (%) and Analysis.
• Share your ideas in seconds: Are you one who used to take 1-2 hours to package your investment thesis, only to see it lost amongst millions of other cheap content? Tradably allows you to get your big idea out in under a minute, and concurrently build your track record.
• Idea Details: Get more information about the counter, view bullish & bearish sentiments, key transactions, and also take part in the discussions to validate your ideas. You can also track an idea to get notified real time if the idea hits the target price or stop loss or gets edited or closed prematurely.
• Explore Page: Discover ideas, analysts and transactions that can give you an edge in the markets. Preset filters range from “Highest Potential” to “Most Followed Analysts”.
• Insider & Guru Trades: Explore what companies, company insiders and investment gurus are buying and selling the moment they report it on the exchanges.
• Virtual Portfolio: Manage your own virtual portfolio with real time pricing. This allows you to showcase your audited track record, along with the analyses around each idea for accountability and transparency.
• Follow: Follow star users and billionaire hedge funds real time to get notified of their investment actions real-time. You can also build your brand and following easily as you share actionable more ideas and contribute to the community.
• Watchlist: Adding to your watchlist personalizes your news feed, so you get up to date, relevant, actionable information to help you make better investment decisions, from earnings results, dividends, key transactions to other ideas.

Why Use Tradably?
• Get recognized - Because our robust performance tracking and attribution platform easily reveals who are the profitable and savvy investors, you can be sure that your quality ideas will be seen and recognized. No more noisy platforms with lots of fake accounts and non-actionable ideas.
• Build your brand effortlessly - Regardless of your pedigree, if you have a knack for investing, we help you build your following effortlessly. We know savvy investors have much better use of their time than to spend on marketing.
• Stay ahead with actionable investment ideas: Ever felt like you were always the last one in or out of a trade? With Tradably, you can connect directly with other savvy investors and receive real-time updates on their positions and views.

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Contact Us
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