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通过 PlaySight (PlaySight Interactive Ltd)

PlayFair with PlaySight.

Video assistant referee and officiating for tennis and all sports.

PlaySight is an all-in-one sports video and analytics platform. Athletes across over 25 sports and all over the world are using PlaySight’s Smart technology to train more efficiently, improve faster and win more.

PlaySight’s PlayFair technology enables officials and referees to access multi-angle video – to be used as a video assistant referee (VAR).

Key Features:
• This app enables you to connect to the PlaySight cameras
• Access video from any local PlaySight court to review close calls, line call challenges and more
• Challenge close calls and review close moments in games and matches like the pros
• Tennis: select the number of challenges per set, the players, umpire name and more


“The technology alone is exciting-- we couldn’t be more thrilled to have a partner like PlaySight,
a company that is dedicated to help improve college tennis. But what seemed to be even more of a game changer was the effect that using PlayFair had on the coaches, players, and Officials. There was a certain calm and level of sportsmanship that existed throughout the matches.”
ITA Chief Operating Officer – Erica Perkins Jasper

“I think the best thing that PlayFair does is make all the players call the lines better. To me the cheating is worse and worse and umpires can’t usually solve the problem.”
USC Men’s Coach – Peter Smith

“The most interesting thing was the deterrent factor — players didn’t want to be known as calling something that they knew deep down was probably in. I saw it happen a few times where players changed their call prior to the umpire getting there to check.”
UC Davis Men’s Coach – Eric Steidlmayer

“I do believe in the saying "you don't stop progress" and PlaySight is progress. In almost every review that I was involved in the players accepted the call and continued play swiftly. The tournament had a very relaxed feel – great atmosphere and sportsmanship.”
ITA Official – Bruce Harrison


2018/2/12 | 版本 : 1.0 | 大小 : 32.1 MB

屏幕截图 iPad :

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连连看 (Connect Two)
连连看 (Connect Two)

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